You know how much I love all of my Sullivan heroes, but I've got to tell you that Alec just might have taken the crown with this book. It honestly stunned me how much I adored him while writing You Do Something To Me. He's my favorite kind of hero—sexy and sweet and desperately in need of an amazing woman to help make his life complete. I can't wait for you to read his book!

Some advanced 5 star reviews:

“You Do Something To Me is true romance at it's finest! A touching and emotional story. Highly recommend.” Doni

“A brilliant love story! So sweet and tender.” Linda

“Another absolute home run by Bella Andre! A story of heartache, self-discovery, friendship, love and loss. It was absolutely fantastic.” Lisa

“One of the best books in the series! A very sweet, sexy, sizzling and poignant love story.” Karina

“Once again Bella Andre gives her readers another wonderful, amazing book about the Sullivans, full of love, forgiveness and family!” Caroline

“The sweetest thing that I have read in a long time.” Kelly

“Swoon! Alec Sullivan is totally swoon-worthy and just another in a long line of Sullivan leading men that I love!” Kelly