The New York Sullivans are back!

Harry Sullivan has never forgotten his first love, cares deeply about his family…and looks seriously sexy in glasses. Is it any wonder that I have wanted to write his story for so long? Compared to his three siblings, Harry has always looked like he has it all together. When the truth is that his life is about to be turned completely upside-down. I hope you absolutely love Harry and Molly’s second-chance romance. They’ve both certainly waited long enough for it!

Before you head off to start reading Harry’s book, I have two additional things to share. First, keep an eye out for a very special Sullivan novella coming this fall, featuring one of your all time favorite San Francisco Sullivan couples. I promise that you are going to absolutely love it! And…there will be more Sullivans coming soon! I can’t wait for you to meet the seven Maine Sullivans — Cassie’s story will be coming early 2019.

Happy reading,
Bella Andre


5 star reviews for Harry

“Pure Perfection! The storyline was a wonderful surprise. Every Time We Fall In Love left me with such a feeling of happiness and immense satisfaction. I know every time I read this story I will fall in love all over again. If you like second chance romance this will be a fantastic read for you. If you like hunky college professors you will want to read Harry's story. If you like strong female characters this is a must read because Molly is the epitome of a strong woman. If you like stories with strong family ties there are none better than the Sullivans.” Trudy, 5 stars

“Amazing! I love Harry and Molly and Amelia. Great story, so family oriented. I couldn't put the book down. Another home run for Bella.” Norayma, 5 stars

“I just loved Harry and Molly’s story! It was such a fantastic second chance romance.” Barbara Ann, 5 stars

“This second chance love story is incredible!” Kelly, 5 stars

About the Book

Harry Sullivan has always put his family first, even when it meant losing Molly—his one true love. He’s never been able to forget her, even after fifteen years. Now that his siblings are all blissfully happy, Harry hopes it’s not too late for his own happily-ever-after. But then his doorbell rings…and one look at the teenage girl standing on his doorstep changes absolutely everything.

Molly never thought she’d see Harry Sullivan again, so she's beyond stunned when her fifteen-year-old daughter brings him back into her life. At eighteen, Harry was already strong, sexy, and honorable. And now that he's even more handsome, more brilliant, more loyal and caring? Molly can't stop herself from falling in love with him all over again. Especially when his kisses and the sizzling attraction between them are hotter than ever.

But with more at stake now than they ever thought possible, will they be able to move beyond the mistakes they both made in the past, and fall in love forever this time?