KissMeLikeThis_Cover_FINAL_April29_217x318_ResizedOnMacWhen I fell in love with my amazing husband, Paul, I was just out of college—young, bright-eyed, and eager to explore the world and all it had to offer. Even all these years later, I still feel like a giggling twenty-one year old when my husband plucks a rose from the garden or tucks a surprise love note into my computer bag.

There’s something about first love that is so special, so enduring, and so other-worldly. Which is why I decided to write about the Morrisons.

Each of the six siblings grew up watching the incredible love their parents had, a love endured their mother’s sickness and too early passing. Each of the Morrison siblings knows love like that is out there, if only they are open to finding it. It’s that optimism, that freshness, that innocence, that makes me love writing their stories so much.

I bet if I asked you to stop and think about it, it wouldn’t take long at all for you to recall your first crush, your first kiss, your first love. That’s because firsts are so special. And when it comes to the Morrisons, sometimes firsts can be forever too.

I’d love to hear about your memories of first love! Please leave a comment below sharing your stories.