London Book Fair
April 8-10, 2014, London, England
* Bella Andre and Barbara Freethy will be giving their Top 10 Tips for Successful Publishing workshop on Wednesday, April 9th in the Thames Room from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
* Bella will be exhibiting as a part of the Indie Bestsellers booth with Stephanie Bond, Barbara Freethy, Liliana Hart, Candice Hern, Hugh Howey and Jasinda Wilder. More details on location and workshops/panels to come soon.

New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America 2014 Conference
May 2-3, 2014, Boston Marriott, Burlington, MA
Bella will be giving the conference Keynote

Book Expo America
May 28-31, 2014, New York City
Bella will be one of several Indie Bestsellers with a booth at BEA 2014. More details on location and workshops/panels to come.
* Bella, Hugh Howey & Barbara Freethy will be presenting The Author Perspective on P+E and reinventing the writing process in a digital/reader-connected world at the IDPF conference on the morning of May 28th

Romance Writers of America National Conference
July 23-26, 2014, San Antonio, TX
* Bella will be part of an Indie Author Panel with Barbara Freethy, Marie Force, Liliana Hart & Courtney Milan
* Bella will be on an Indie Authors & Literary Agents Working Together panel with Steve Axelrod, Barbara Freethy, Liliana Hart & Kristin Nelson
* Bella and Barbara Freethy will speak on Strategies for Intermediate to Advanced Indie Publishers
* Bella will be part of The Hybrid Author Panel: How to Stay Diversified in Today’s Constantly Changing Market with Lauren Blakely, Lisa Renee Jones, Laura Kaye & Monica Murphy

Women’s Fiction Festival
September 25-28 2014, Matera, Italy
Details on workshops/panel to come.


San Francisco Writers Conference
* Friday Keynote

Book Expo America
New York City
* Goodreads panel with Patrick Brown at uPublishU

Romance Writers of America National Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
* “Self-Publishing: Beyond The Basics” with Tina Folsom
* “Top Ten Tips for Authors” with Barbara Freethy
* “Ask Us Anything: Q&A with NYT Bestselling authors Bella Andre and Barbara Freethy”

Novelists Inc Conference
White Plains, NY
* Subsidiary Rights and Tie-In Products

Self-Publishing Book Expo
New York City
* Top 10 Tips for Authors w/ Barbara Freethy

Book Expo America
New York City
* Making it as an Indie EBook Author: Lessons learned a year and 1,000,000+ books later

Independent Book Publishers Association
San Francisco, CA
* Secrets of Successful eBook Selling

Scandinavian Executive Publishing Conference
Copenhagen, Denmark
* The New World of eBooks & Self-Publishing

Romance Writers of America National Conference
Anaheim, CA
* Branding for Self-Published Authors (with Barbara Freethy and Tina Folsom)
* The A to Z’s of Alpha Heroes (with Jami Alden and Monica McCarty)

San Diego RWA