The game always changes for super-sexy, alpha athlete heroes who meet their perfect heroines in these sexy, fun and emotional romances that revolve around the world of professional sports (including but not limited to football, baseball, soccer, basketball, beach volleyball, race cars, polo, etc.). When professional linebacker Cole Taylor sets out to fulfill his grandmother's dying wish, he finds his perfect and innocent match, Anna Davis, in the most unlikely of places, and the love that develops between Cole and Anna leaves them irrevocably altered. Whose game will change next?

He’s run away from everything that ever meant anything–but will he run away from her?

In an instant plans change and he has to find a way to outmaneuver the inevitable...

Scandal changed both of their game plans, but nothing can dampen the passion consuming them.

It only takes one moment to change the game forever...

He planned for a baby, but will he get a family in the end?

There's more than one way to tackle a broken heart, and he's ready to provide the assist.

Can the NFL's first female team physician prove to the players she's on their side during the work day and convince the coach she'd like to be on his after-hours?

Can the fire of her passion melt the wall of ice around his heart?



The caterers, florists, DJs, dress designers, and proprietors of the Rose Chalet—the top wedding venue in San Francisco—do more than make a bride's big day the talk of the town, they find their own true loves when least expected. Will the next wedding bells chime for new Chalet staff members, Chalet staff siblings, men and women who meet at one of the Chalet weddings, or complete strangers? Read on to find out!

She's a rabbi. He's a minister. Can they overcome their differences to find Heaven on Earth?

Promised since childhood, Annie and Robert are a perfect match. Except he's gay and she's in love with another man.

Will being a bridesmaid lead to a love of her own?

When a momzilla crosses a frustrated bride-to- be, chaos ensues…

Will planning a fake wedding make two friends want to say I do for real?

One reluctant bride-to-be. One eager groom-to-be. Will Kane get his bride down the aisle or will Cora keep running from love?

Love that comes back is love that never went away…

Will a family's strict traditions ruin their chance at love, or will a hidden treasure give them the future they've dreamed of, and save their family from ruin?

What is old is made new again... and dreams are made a reality

Can a photograph predict true love?

Will a young senator choose love or his political career when a chance encounter has him discovering a ten year old secret?

She’s a stand-in for a groomsman, he’s the best man who can’t keep his eyes off her…

She may know all the wedding do's and don'ts, but she'll still need a groom to survive this wedding disaster. Too bad the only one she can find is the last one she can afford...