​Game For Seduction

​Bad Boys of Football, Book 2

Please enjoy the following excerpt of Bad Boys of Football #2, copyright 2009, Bella Andre…
Dominic sat in his car for several minutes as traffic whizzed by. What the hell had he been doing flirting with Melissa McKnight? She was completely off-limits. Not only was she his agent's daughter, but she deserved so much more than he could ever give her. She deserved a normal guy with a normal life, not a public figure who was carrying around a secret that could blow everything he'd worked for to pieces.

Which hadn't stopped him from watching her all afternoon from across the photographer's studio.

Watching and wanting her.

For years he'd been haunted by her scent, by the way she licked the corner of her lips when she was concentrating, by the smooth skin on her throat as she swallowed a sip of coffee. He'd wanted her for so long that he could practically taste her; knew she'd be the sweetest thing he'd ever had on his tongue.

And then Benjamin had called her over at the photo shoot, and he’d fantasized about touching her for so long that his brain could barely wrap itself around the reality of her soft hips in his hands.

This had been his one chance to touch her, to hold her, and he'd taken as much as he could get. But a sham kiss on her neck didn't even begin to quench his thirst for her.

Now that he'd had a taste of her sweetness, he wanted her more than he ever had.

Excerpt from Bad Boys of Football #2, copyright 2009, Bella Andre 


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