Reunited In Love

Co-authored with Jennifer Skully

The Maverick Billionaires, Book 9

She’s the love he foolishly let go…

Ava Harrington, brilliant billionaire businesswoman, has conquered the world. And yet, scarred by a love lost fifteen years ago, she's built a wall around her heart, swearing off love forever.

Ransom Yates’s culinary genius has taken him to the pinnacle of success as a magnetic celebrity chef. But that success came at a devastating price when he left behind the woman who held the key to his heart.

Their reunion is anything but sweet when Ava must swallow her pride and seek Ransom's help, though he’s the last person she ever wanted to turn to in a crisis. But the sparks flying between them are hotter than ever — and their undeniable chemistry reignites their long-buried passion with steamy kisses and sultry nights.

Ransom can't help but fall for the woman he never stopped loving. But Ava's heart is still hardened with the memory of how their long-ago affair ended. Can they find a second chance at love? Or is their love forever lost in the ashes of their past?

Praise for The Mavericks

"I loved every single moment of this story. It was so emotionally charged!"

"Don't begin this book in the evening―you will read all night long!"

"I was swept away by the romance! I cannot recommend this book highly enough."

"Harper and Will shot sparks right off the pages!"

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