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The London Sullivans, Book 2

Release date: July 18, 2024


According to the British gossip columns, billionaire Malcolm Sullivan is one of the most eligible bachelors in England. His siblings love to tease him about that, and since he also thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, he takes no offense. The irony is that while he is great at his job, he's terrible at dating...let alone falling in love. In fact, he's been told during nearly every single break-up that as long as he stays wed to his high-powered job, he will never find true love.

Josie is thrilled about her new contract job working with bookstore owner Mari Everett to set up a reading retreat on Elderflower Island. She still can hardly believe that for the past two years she's had the privilege of setting up reading retreats throughout the U.S. It's a dream job and every day she has to pinch herself to make sure it isn't just a dream. Thrilled to be setting up her first international retreat in England, she's shocked to realize that she will not only be working closely with Malcolm Sullivan on the project, but that she'll also be staying in his houseboat on the Thames.

For more than a decade, she's worked to forget about Malcolm, who had been an exchange student at her high school in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Like everyone else, she'd had a secret crush on him the whole school year. Unlike everyone else, however, it was only her heart that he'd crushed.

Now that they're unexpectedly reunited, can Malcolm find a way to convince Josie that he's changed and to forgive him for what happened in high school? And, even more importantly, as they spend more and more time together, and the sizzling heat between becomes hotter than anything either of them have felt with anyone else, does he have any chance at all at getting her to love him? Because for the first time ever, Malcolm is ready for forever. But is Josie willing to risk her heart on the man who smashed it into a million pieces? Can she trust him to get it right this time? Or should she walk out of his life, the same way he once walked out of hers?

Praise for The Sullivans®

"I loved Elderflower Island and couldn't put this book down! Mari and Owen's story is exactly what you hope for in a Sullivan romance."

"I loved how Bella Andre wrote about London! She brought everything to life so I could visit there without leaving home. Such a heartwarming story!"

"I adore the Sullivans! They love hard, laugh uproariously and live in the moment."

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