June 19

THERE GOES MY HEART (Maine Sullivans) is out now!


️THERE GOES MY HEART (Maine Sullivans) is out now!

️There Goes My Heart is dedicated to girls with glasses!

I have been wearing glasses since I was nine years old. I might not have looked cool in the oversized brown frames, but it meant that I could play tennis, read the chalkboard in class, and not trip over things when I walked.I’ve long wanted to write about a heroine who wears glasses—and a hero who thinks she’s even more beautiful while wearing them.

Rory Sullivan is the perfect man for Zara Mirren. And not just because he loves chocolate cake as much as she does, but because when Zara needs him, he’ll do whatever he can to bring her joy.

I hope you absolutely love Rory and Zara’s romance, set in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine!
<3 Bella

5 star reviews for THERE GOES MY HEART

“There went my heart! Bella Andre has taken two people, lost and alone, and made them perfect together. She had my heart beating faster with every touching moment. I gushed. I sighed. I cried.” Trudy, 5 stars

“I love There Goes My Heart! The snarky comebacks and one-upmanship often conceals deeper emotions that people try to hide rather than deal with. You really need to read this one!” Pam, 5 stars

“OMG I adore Rory & Zara! I love the pretend couple turns real trope! There Goes My Heart, as with all of Bella's stories, is a wonderful blend of all the good stuff I look for in a romance. Sweet, funny, full of heartwarming moments, sexy and always full of so much love and family. From start to finish, this is a winner!” Marybeth, 5 stars

“Another great read from this author! There Goes My Heart has you laughing out loud at times, but other times you are reaching for the tissues.” Karen, 5 stars

“I absolutely adored this amazing read! There Goes My Heart was sweet, funny and emotional. The sparks and and banter fly, and it is impossible not to feel the intense pull of attraction. A delightful read that gives you all the feels.” Gladys, 5 stars


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