July 10

A new Maverick Billionaire will be here on September 12th!


A new Maverick Billionaire will be here on September 12th! Pre-order CAPTIVATING IN LOVE now. ️

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Four years ago, the Maverick Billionaires came to me in a dream. I woke up with a vision of five brothers-of-the-heart who banded together as young boys during their rough childhoods. I remember going for a walk with my husband and telling him all about Will, Sebastian, Matt, Evan and Daniel. They were already so alive to me, even before beginning to write the first book in the series with my very good friend, Jennifer Skully. 

And now, because of your outpouring of love for the Maverick Billionaires, we're very happily continuing the series with a hero you first met in Fearless In Love. Since Gideon Jones came on the Maverick scene, there have been countless requests for his story. Though I can never pick a favorite book, I'll confess that I absolutely loved watching Gideon find happiness and love! Especially when it’s with a woman as wonderful as Rosie—and her young son, Jorge.

I can't wait for you to read CAPTIVATING IN LOVE! 

️BOOK DESCRIPTION: Gideon Jones came back from war a changed man. Though the Mavericks claim he’s one of their own, he doesn't believe he deserves to be part of their tightly knit unit. Just like he doesn't deserve Rosie Diaz—an amazing mother…and an utterly captivating woman that he can't stop dreaming about.

Rosie Diaz pulled herself out of the foster care system and made a great life for herself while raising Jorge, the son she adores. Only one thing is missing—a good man, one she can respect and love with her whole heart. A man exactly like her best friend’s older brother Gideon.

When Rosie and Gideon agree to take care of Matt and Ari’s son, Noah, while the couple is on their honeymoon, they have no idea of the havoc two matchmaking little boys can create. Not to mention the steamy kisses that Rosie and Gideon can’t help but steal from each other as their connection deepens and grows. But when mother and son are threatened, Gideon will stop at nothing to protect them. Will he finally believe that he truly is Maverick material…and worthy of Rosie and Jorge’s love?


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