October 6

The Sullivans are back!


The Sullivans are back!
HOLD ON TO MY HEART (Maine Sullivans)
Amazon CA: https://bellaandre.com/HOTMH_AmazonCA
Amazon Aus: https://bellaandre.com/HOTMH_AmazonAU

I know it's been a while since my last new book was out, but I promise Ashley and Nash's book is worth the wait!

I love writing all of my books, but sometimes, a story comes along that feels extra special. For me, Hold On To My Heart is one of those stories.

I love everything about it. The settings in Vienna, Austria, and then Bar Harbor, Maine. The laughter and the loving, and even the heartbreak. The fact that all of the Maine Sullivans play prominent roles in the story. The deep passion between Ashley and Nash. And, as a special bonus, the audiobook is already available, along with a hardcover version!

I hope you absolutely love Hold On To My Heart

Happy reading,
❤️ Bella

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐️ 5 Star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I promise you'll fall head over heels for Nash and Ashley. These two are perfection! Set in Vienna and Bar Harbor, Maine, you'll be swept up in beautiful scenery and a love story that will make you swoon. Bella Andre has a way with words, making us feel every single thing that the characters do. Nash is completely swoon worthy and true book boyfriend material. I can't get enough of the Sullivan family!” ~ Litljen, 5 stars

“This incredible book pairs an ultimate fantasy with the perfect amount of heart melting realism to deliver mega feels and maximum swoon! Ashley and Nash turned my heart to goo. I loved these two so much! An abundance of rich emotions, intense feels, sweetness, drama and heart.” ~ Gladys, 5 stars

“A wonderful love story! So beautifully written with wonderful character development. 5 Star plus!” ~ Jeannie, 5 stars

“Awesome love story!” ~ Norayma, 5 stars

“This is such a fantastic book! I was so emotionally invested and had happy tears in the end.” ~ Christine, 5 stars

“Bella gives us another page turner filled with many tears, love and and a Happily Ever After above all others!” ~ Cheryl, 5 stars

“A must read! I binge read this in one night!” ~ Kate, 5 stars

“Finally I can feed my Sullivan addiction! I enjoyed every joyful moment.”  ~ Trudy, 5 stars

“I had to hold on to my heart while reading this book! It was such a touching love story that had me crying at the end.” ~ Becky, 5 stars


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