Always On My Mind

The Sullivans®, Book 8

After a tragic loss three years ago, Grayson Tyler left his life in New York City behind and started over in the rolling hills of the California coast. He's convinced himself that all he'll ever need again is the blue sky, a thousand acres of pasture, and the crashing waves of the ocean. Until one day, Lori Sullivan barges into his life and promptly blows his emotionless and solitary world to shreds, driving him crazy as only a woman nicknamed "Naughty" can. But will Lori be able to convince him that it's safe to love her...and that forever isn't actually out of reach?

ALWAYS ON MY MIND is part of Bella Andre's #1 bestselling series about The Sullivans. While it can easily be read as a stand-alone story, you'll likely enjoy reading the other books, too.

Praise for The Sullivans®

You cannot put ALWAYS ON MY MIND down! The minute you start it you won't want to stop, and time will fly by as you fall in love with Grayson and Lori. It will make you want to find your own cowboy to fall in love with! This book is now not only one of my favorite Bella Andre books, but one of my all time favorite reads ever! You will be missing out if you do not read this one! ~ Amazon reviewer

"I have been a fan of Bella Andre's from the very first page in the very first book I have read of hers. This story certainly lived up to all my expectations. I was hooked the minute I opened ALWAYS ON MY MIND and began to read. My heart ached for both of their pain and suffering. Truly after finishing one book from this it the first or the eighth...I wonder every time how she is going to top that, but each time she does! Highly recommended." ~ A Romantic Journey Book Blog

What a beautiful story of finding true love. I have read all the Sullivans Series and ALWAYS ON MY MIND has got to be my favorite. This is a couple who shouldn't work, but they do. Two lives so different, but both needing love. Watching this couple decide to let go and just love was so beautiful. I recommend this and all the books. ~ Amazon reviewer

"I am so glad I found this series and if you haven't read Andre yet, you are seriously missing out! Andre will make you laugh, turn you on with her incredibly seductive heroes and of course, make you fall in love with each book! Definitely an auto-buy author for me!" ~ Under the Covers Book Reviews

"Each book is so remarkable and you really come to love the characters. This series is incredible. It's one of my favorites. If you haven't started them yet, you are missing out!" ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"I am in love with the Sullivans. Each novel in the companion series is unique, just like the siblings. However, there is one thing that all of the novels have in common: THEY ARE ALL AMAZING!" ~ Reading, Eating & Dreaming Book Reviews

"I'm at a point where when I know a Bella Andre book is being released, I put everything else on hold in my life and dive into her new book! We can always rely on Bella Andre to deliver a great love story. Read this book, read all of them and join the Bella Andre bandwagon - you won't regret it." ~ Natasha Is A Book Junkie Blog Reviews

"Each book in this series so far will have your hearts fluttering and stomachs filled with butterflies. I most definitely would recommend The Sullivans. I never want this series to end." ~ TalkSupe Book Reviews Blog

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